Up-tower Generator Repair Saves This Wind Farm Thousands in Repair Costs

THE CHALLENGE A wind farm was experiencing frequent bearing failure on generators located on their wind turbines, the failures resulted in journal damage which often led to exchanging the generator unit out. Due to the limited amount of unique spare generators, it was difficult to keep the wind turbines up and running. THE SOLUTION IPS […]

Connection Ring Solution Reduces Downtime and Maintenance Costs

THE CHALLENGE A wind farm was experiencing premature failures on their wind turbine generators. After an initial inspection of a particular generator, it was determined that the rotor connection had failed prematurely. Wind turbines that utilize DFIG generators (wound rotors) have a 61% failure rate in the rotor connection due to the inability to accommodate […]

PowerSeal™ Windings Reduce Downtime and Reconditioning Costs- Case Study #3

PowerSeal™ Windings Reduce Downtime and Reconditioning Costs THE CHALLENGE A paper mill needed a cost effective, efficient solution for two critical water pump applications. The two motors driving the water pumps are located at the bottom of a 20-foot-deep pit and are frequently exposed to high humidity, containments, and flooding. There is limited space in […]

IPS Eliminates Downtime with Variable Frequency Drives

THE CHALLENGE An Oriented Strand Board (OSB) mill was experiencing multiple failures on motors located on their strander application; the copper bar rotor and windings were failing due to repeated and long reduced voltage starts. The application utilized an autotransformer starter to start each strander motor at 65% voltage. The motors were spending a full […]

IPS Engineering Solutions Reduce Equipment Failure and Downtime

THE CHALLENGE A paper mill was experiencing bearing failures on their main tissue machine roller every 3-6 months. Their current motor service provider was repeating the same repair process every time the machine failed and could not identify the root cause. The customer contacted IPS for assistance. THE SOLUTION IPS determined that the ball bearing […]

PowerSeal™ Premium Rewind Improves Motor Reliability

THE CHALLENGE A Midwest coal-fired power plant motor experienced a winding failure caused by high thermal stress from a bearing failure. To prevent future winding failures, the stator was rewound with IPS’s PowerSeal premium electrical insulation system. After three years, the motor experienced damage to both bearings. IPS performed a root cause failure analysis and […]