Service, repair, reconditioning, and remanufacturing for industrial blowers

IPS offers complete lifecycle solutions for industrial blowers. We have decades of industry-specific experience improving process reliability for various blower types, including:

  • Positive displacement blowers
  • Rotary lobe blowers
  • Helical screw blowers
  • Centrifugal blowers
  • Multistage centrifugal blowers
  • High-speed blowers
  • Regenerative blowers

We service blowers, their motors, and motor control centers as sealed airflow systems. IPS specializes in resolving problems caused by running blowers beyond nameplate data, incorrect installation, or improper maintenance.

These problems include rotational failure, reduced airflow, excess vibration, and heat buildup. IPS field service technicians resolve as many of these problems as possible on-site to minimize downtime.

We pull blowers for heavy repair and machining work or design, reverse engineering, and custom remanufacturing at IPS service centers. Our in-shop technicians work closely with IPS engineers to eliminate failure modes and improve blower performance and reliability.

For more on our blower services, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

Technical field services for blower maintenance and troubleshooting

IPS recommends comprehensive testing, with electric and mechanical diagnostics on blowers and motors. Our driven equipment assessments include:

  • Condition-based monitoring
  • Motor circuit evaluation (MCE)
  • Motor terminations / determinations
  • Vibration analysis
  • Flow rate analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Power analysis
  • Dynamic balancing

IPS field service technicians tear down blowers on-site, inspect, lubricate, and replace bearings and seals. They also inspect, clean, and replace blades and impellers.

Our predictive and preventive maintenance services improve process reliability and energy efficiency. We can pull and replace your blowers if they don’t meet application requirements.

In-shop remanufacturing for heavy machine work

We offer replacement options when test data indicates your equipment can’t meet application requirements. Depending on new blower availability, we may recommend design and reverse engineering with remanufacturing.

We rebuild blowers to OEM specifications, with machining, cleaning, polishing, and anodizing, but we also engineer for the application. IPS service centers have the machine tooling and skilled metalworkers to remanufacture blowers for better-than-new performance.

Motor control centers for multiple blower installations

IPS Custom Equipment engineers clean-sheet motor control centers or upgrade existing equipment. Their control systems and automation include a pre-sale engineering inspection, installation supervision, and commissioning.

We also service and maintain motor control centers.

Our experience with industrial blowers

IPS industry-specific experience with blowers and improving reliability in process equipment includes:


  • Blowers for livestock barns, dairy farms, and greenhouses
  • Blowers for fish farming
  • Blowers for pond aeration


  • Bulk transfer blowers
  • Blowers for kiln conveyors
  • Blowers for pneumatic conveyance systems


  • Air filtration blowers
  • Blowers for air knife systems
  • Regenerative blowers for pneumatic conveying


  • Circulating blowers for sintering
  • Gas blowers
  • Cooling blowers


  • Tunnel ventilation blowers
  • Explosion-proof blowers
  • Blowers for hazardous and combustible dust control


  • Blowers for sulfur recovery
  • Blowers for thermal incineration and oxidation
  • Blowers for carbon black production


  • Blowers for flue-gas desulfurization (FGD)
  • Soot blowers
  • Gas recirculation fans


  • Vacuum blowers for dewatering systems
  • Air supply & exhaust blowers
  • Blowers for particle, odor, and fumes removal

We combine services for blowers and other rotating machinery with work on your electric motors, VFDs, and power distribution equipment.

For a proposal on improving blower reliability and energy efficiency, talk to your local IPS representative or contact us here.

IPS has close working relationships with OEMs