IPS Distribution Sources High Voltage Motor for Air Separation Customer

The Challenge:

An air separation company in the Midwest experienced a premature failure on a 2900 KW, 13.8 kV compressor motor on a Saturday. IPS Field Service and Sales teams were on-site Sunday to analyze the failed motor and find a solution for the customer.

IPS Solution:

After the customer expressed frustration with the brand and the costly under-performance of the failed motor, IPS Distribution worked with a different motor manufacturer to identify a better product that also met the customer’s dimensional requirements. After reviewing all options, the customer chose the IPS solution because it is a drop-in replacement and exceeds performance expectations.

The Conclusion:

By providing an Unmatched Customer Experience, we successfully helped a customer find a better solution to their problem through IPS Distribution. As a master distributor for major equipment manufacturers, plus local, regional and national inventories, IPS can replace AC & DC motors or generators — from fractional to 2,500HP and above.

For more information about our Distribution offering, please visit www.ips.us/sales.

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