IPS Engineering Team Replaces Discontinued Motor with Custom Drop-In Replacement

The Challenge:

A forestry customer in the Gulf experienced a recent need to replace an old discounted motor with liquid rheostat and replace the rheostat with a soft start/drive system.

IPS Solution:

Upon IPS Engineering team’s visit to the customer on-site and a thorough review of the application, the existing motor was mechanically modified with no indication of what has been changed and all critical dimensions were captured to propose an IPS Engineered drop-in replacement solution.

The Conclusion:

Through our Unmatched Customer Experience, we successfully helped a customer with an IPS Engineered replacement solution to their problem. With our dedicated engineering team offering local, regional and national service, IPS provides complete engineering services, including building electric motors and generators from scratch with drop-in replacement motors and re-manufacturing motors to OEM specifications through design and reverse engineering.


For more information about IPS Engineering Services, please visit https://www.ips.us/engineering-services/


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