IPS Houston Team Provides an Engineered Solution for 3000HP Fan Motor Application

The Challenge:

Our Field Service Team received a request from a utility customer in the Gulf (rest of information on work scope pending from Jonathan Schmucker/Ryan Bailey….)

IPS Solution:

Our team in Houston quickly assembled members from various departments in a collaborative approach, utilizing the OneIPS philosophy.   We also positioned ourselves as technical experts as opposed to just a low-cost provider, which was a key aspect of winning the customer’s trust in IPS.

Instead of using email communication, the customer was met in person and was shown a detailed GANT chart from a previous rewind that was done with another customer. This was a small detail, but was a way that the team reinforced the idea that IPS was providing an engineered solution, instilling full confidence in the customer that the project would be well managed. We also explained IPS’s technical strengths, including our Engineering Team and our PowerSeal insulation system.

The Conclusion:

The customer is now a believer in the Unmatched Customer Experience and our collaborative approach to OneIPS. Throughout the process, the customer learned that if they run into a problem, IPS has readily available resources across North America to fulfill their needs.


To learn more about IPS’s single-source service offering, visit www.ips.us.

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