IPS’s Tom Reid to Present at AISTech 2015

GREENVILLE, SC (April 28, 2015) – Tom Reid, Sr. VP of Engineering, Quality and HSE for Integrated Power Services (IPS), will present “A Comparison of the Electrical Performance of Turn and Strand Insulation Systems Before and After Rapid Thermal Cycling” on May 4 at AISTech. The event will be held at the Cleveland Convention Center in Cleveland, OH.

The AISTech 2015 Conference and Exposition, presented by the Association for Iron & Steel Technology, showcases advancements in all phases of ironmaking, steelmaking, rolling and finishing processes, and the various engineering, equipment and process technologies involved in today’s steel production.

Reid’s case study compares turn and strand insulation in multi-turn form wound global VPI coils for medium- and high-voltage electric motor and generator stator coils up to 15 kV.

“It is hoped that this guide will prove useful in comparing different inter-turn insulation systems based on the reduction in surge voltage breakdown withstand after the stator coils were subjected to a series of rapid thermal cycles. This presentation is an attempt to compare the cost, process and performance aspects of three separate inter-turn insulation systems – Daglas over enamel, PET Mica strand insulation, and a dedicated Glass Mica turn insulation over enamel strand insulation,” said Reid.

About Tom Reid

Tom Reid is the Sr. VP of Engineering, Quality and HSE for Integrated Power Services, supporting the company’s nineteen motor and generator repair service centers throughout North America. He owns two US Patents (Electrical Coil Insulation Method– 6836204 B2 and Electrical Coil Winding and Insertion Method–7252118 B2) and has three Patents Pending. Tom also serves on the IEEE 95 and 522 Sub Committees and Electric Power Research Institute Working Group.

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